Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in Latin America

As part of an NSF IRES grant (2011-2014, PI Karl Linden, University of Colorado), I worked with several amazing teams of CU-Boulder graduate students and Peruvian students investigating factors that increase the use and resilience of drinking water and sanitation infrastructure. From this work, I have two working papers. The first is an effort to understand variation in use of rural water systems. The second is a policy evaluation of ecological sanitation in peri-urban contexts. I recently expanded this research to better understand the shifting governance context for rural water services throughout Peru, conducting field work in Lima, the Arequipa region and the Loreto region.

I have recently expanded my work to look at Latin American rural water systems comparatively. This involves a project to study the new law regulating rural water systems in Chile, a study assessing rural water systems in the Dry Corridor of Honduras, and field work studying how mayors in Bolivia manage rural water services.


The effect of Civil Society and NGOs on citizen-Government relations

As part of my work in Iquitos, Peru, I investigated the impact of NGOs on the ways citizen think about and interact with governments. This work, originally developed for my dissertation, is forthcoming at Comparative Political Studies. I am currently developing the research further to look at the effects of decentralization policies and national policies regulating NGOs on local NGO-government relationships. I am further working on a project to understand the relationships between mayors and civil society organizations that participate in Vigilance Committees in the Bolivian context.

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Energy Access in Somalia

As part of my work with the One Earth Future Foundation, I researched energy access and opportunities for renewable energy alternatives in Somalia. This work led to a request to participate in the UNIDO Small HydroPower Report 2019, in which I worked with One Earth Future Foundation scholars, Victor Owuor and Sierra Method to review Somalia in a multi-country study.

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